Yvonne Niwahereza Colangelo embodies resilience and authenticity, masterfully integrating the art of transformation into her life and work. Her remarkable journey, woven into a tapestry of self-awareness and genuine identity, showcases her as the creative force behind Breathe88. At the heart of her endeavours is the fusion of artistic and literary talents, where she champions the transformative power of creativity and self-expression. Her journey from Uganda to Canada, overcoming societal constraints and personal adversities, exemplifies her dedication to self-discovery and empowerment, embodying the transformative journey she facilitates through Breathe88. Her seminal work, "Reclaiming My Name, ‘Niwahereza’," transcends being merely a book; it stands as a beacon for those seeking true self-identity and resilience. In this, Colangelo's narrative emerges as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, illustrating how one can transcend life's formidable challenges to unveil their true essence. Through her story and work, Colangelo exemplifies the art of transformation, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of self-realization and authentic living


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