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Transformative Art Defined

Transformative art can be uniquely defined as an innovative practice that melds the creative process with the power of transformation, aiming to catalyze change in individuals, communities, and societies. It goes beyond aesthetic appeal, functioning as a dynamic force that challenges perceptions, inspires new ways of thinking, and fosters profound emotional and intellectual shifts. This art form not only reflects reality but also seeks to reshape it, acting as a conduit for personal and collective growth. In the context of Breathe88, transformative art is the cornerstone of branding, where it is used to revolutionize how brands engage with their audiences, create meaningful narratives, and build authentic, lasting relationships. Through this lens, Breathe88 harnesses the transformative power of art to not only beautify but also to effect change and drive sustainable impact in the business world and beyond.

Personal Story and Background

Yvonne Niwahereza Colangelo’s journey from Uganda to Canada, and her transition from finance to founding Breathe88, exemplifies a life dedicated to transformative change, community giving, and environmental sustainability. Her narrative is a testament to overcoming adversities and harnessing creativity for societal betterment.


Vision and Mission

Breathe88's mission and vision are to blend transformative art with brand strategy, creating authentic connections, fostering sustainable practices, and generating positive community impact. We envision businesses as catalysts for social and environmental change. At the core of our ethos lie innovation, authenticity, sustainability, and community involvement. We are committed to driving business success that concurrently yields tangible benefits for society and the environment, embodying these values in every aspect of our work. This integrated approach reflects our dedication to not only achieving commercial objectives but also contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Recognitions Across Realms & Advocacy

Breathe88 excels in crafting brand strategies that do more than just bridge the gap between businesses and their target audiences; we create a magnetic appeal that attracts and retains top talent. Our approach underscores the vital synergy between brand identity and corporate culture, recognizing that a strong, authentic brand resonates not only with customers but also with current and prospective employees. We delve deep into the essence of each business to develop a brand narrative that reflects its unique values and vision, fostering an
environment where employees feel genuinely connected and committed to the company’s mission.

Community Partnerships

Breathe88 actively engages in community giving and sustainability through partnerships with non-profits like Pathstone and Community Crew, enhancing mental health support and combating child hunger while advocating for educational success. We contribute not only financially but also by employing transformative art to elevate awareness and participation in these vital areas. Additionally, Breathe88 champions sustainable practices within local communities and supports environmental projects like tree planting and recycling programs.

These efforts reflect our commitment to fostering a sustainable future and embody our core values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship, demonstrating our dedication to making a tangible, positive impact beyond our business.


Empowering Business Success and Social Change through Strategic Partnerships with Breathe88

We invite businesses to form strategic partnerships with Breathe88, offering an opportunity to not only amplify their brand's appeal to both customers and employees but also to drive significant positive change in society and the environment. By collaborating with us, companies can harness the power of transformative art and innovative brand strategy to forge deeper connections, foster a purpose-driven workplace culture, and elevate their market presence. Together, we can create a legacy of sustainability and social responsibility, making a lasting difference in the world while achieving business excellence and cultivating brand loyalty. Join Breathe88 in leading the way toward a future where business success and positive global impact go hand in hand.